How do you simply survive?  The answer is easy work hard, try your best, ask for help, and turn stuff in.

Coming into a year like this I expected to run through it like I did everything else up to this point in my academic career.  Boy was a mistaken, the worst mistake I made and the worst one anyone can make is getting behind in a class.  Because I promise if you miss three assignments and forget to make them up and bomb a quiz you won’t be catching back up.  So to avoid it just turn things in on time put chores and your homework ahead of funtime  and make them your first priority.  Most of the material is not that hard to pick up on if your willing to show up and be there learn it.

Next work hard and try your best, if I had a dime for the amount of times I picked up an assignment for a class and immediately raised my hand to ask for help I’d be rich.  I’m not telling you not to ask for help I’m telling you to work hard and to attempt at least say that first challenging problem on your algebra work or attempt to write your first essay in English.  Should you do this and you figured out you have no clue what your doing then raise your hand and ask for some help.  But sitting in class every day with your hand in the air asking for help will complete a total of zero assignments for you.

This brings me to the final key to success asking questions.  DO NOT be afraid to ask a question even if your the only one in the class who doesn’t understand it don’t be embarrassed because that solves nothing.  If you asks five or six quick questions everyday in class and get better at the material then it’s 100% worth it.  Good luck it’s really not that hard to be successful in high school you just gotta be willing to put in the hard work, effort, and determination.

Catalog Poem

A Web of Lies

  Everything is alright, I’m fine, don’t worry

Something we’ve all said however more than anything it’s just a lie.

Whats wrong with that a small lie everyone has spoken it but a lie is a constant lifestyle

a constant stumbling down a path like a snowball rolling down a mountain side.

What is it you fear about the truth? How can you force yourself to live like this lying creating your life of lies

you say you understand and your lies still pile up like a summer bonfire invaded by flies.

What is it you fear about the truth? How can you force yourself to live like this lying creating your life of lies

look me in the eye tell be the truth, I’m told a lie, another fly invades the fire

each lie that’s told is another step towards the flame another flight of stairs climbing higher and higher,

What is it you fear about the truth? How can you force yourself to live like this lying creating your life of lies

as you climb higher you feel safer, but your not, you continue to lie why cant you just comply.

Lie after lie you continue stumbling down the path then you stop, your stuck no movement just like the flies

you’ve told your last lie you made your last decision for you are now trapped in the web of lies.


 I look up the sky beings to change its colors

A mix of red, orange, and yellow fill the sky creating the sunrise.

I look far off into the distance for I am isolated from everyone else

 I spread my arms in the wind like a bird preparing to fly.

As the Dawn rapidly approaches and the winds begin to form

 I listen as in the distance I hear the rumble of the thunder rocking like the beat of a an ancient drum.

It’s calm now

I can feel the rush of water overwhelming me but I’m safe all I hear are the calls of an owl.

The sky has once again changed it’s mood

 once red and a feeling of anger there now stands a mixture of colors decorating the sky much pretty than the moon.

Then there is me

me here I am standing I am bent i am battered I am not broken.

I bleed for I am wounded but I will survive to be what I am.

Until such time as my taker is woken

I live to be what I am bent and battered but not broken.

One Versus All

So passions, what are some things I’m passionate about? Well this may sound crazy, weird, or even stupid but I am extremely passionate about helping the ones I love.  For as long as I can remember all I ever wanted to do was help them.  I loved helping my dad work on his car when it broke down, helping my mom make dinner(especially pizza) helping my grandma around the house when she comes to visit.  I just loved helping, however as I grew older and interested in other things I felt like more of a distraction than a help so I decided to separate myself.

However my passion still burns but no one seems to need nor want my help, my mom works late so my dad is the one cooking and he only asks me stuff like what do you want with your chicken or what kind of taco shells would you like.  Of course I love my family but I feel like as I grow older we continue to grow farther apart. My mom takes me to school in the mornings and I take the bus home usually unless my dad finishes his route and gets home before I get out of school. This isn’t uncommon but most of the time he’s too tired and is asleep on the couch by the time I get home.

Sometimes I just feel completely and utterly useless my friends don’t want my help they all want to solve their problems by their selves. My dad proved he didn’t need my help he solved his problem, then there’s my mom she works till 6pm comes home plays on facebook till 830 and goes to bed the only time I ever get to spend with her is on the weekend and then she just goes grocery shopping while I stay home and do my chores.  I just wish that I could go back in time to where we were truly one big family when we all got together for a holiday dinner and new what was going on in each other’s lives and had conversations about each other’s day at the dinner table instead of playing on our phones while we eat.  Most of all I wish that when we had problems instead of having a whole me against the world modo we could turn to our family for help and they would do everything they could to provide it.  This is what I’m passionate about being there for family when it needs me to ensure that my family will be there for me when I need it.


My Family

My Family

    My family is huge in my life, literally and figuratively.  I rely on my family in so many different ways whether it be with problems i’m having in school or a personal problem in my personal life my family is on my side and always there willing to stand by it.  I’m active in visiting spending time with and seeing all the family members on both sides of my family.  Every year for Christmas we go to have dinner with my Dad’s mom and all his brothers and their friends.  On the other side for my mom each year around thanksgiving the whole family gets together and draws names at random to ensure that everyone receives a gift at Christmas when we meet and have the family dinner for my Mom’s side.  I have a loving family that would bend over backwards to pick me up when I fall and crosses oceans to be there to point out when I’ve done wrong.  Perhaps maybe sometimes they get on my nerves, but I know that I classify in the exact same column to them, besides even if they do make me angry in the end it would never change how much they mean to me and how empty my life would be without them in it.  I love my family!

Global Unemployment

     A Major Global Problem

One of the biggest problems in the world today is unemployment and it’s a problem everywhere in the world.  However what really is unemployment and how does it happen, now the obvious answer that probably comes to your head is people losing their jobs by being let go, fired, laid off, businesses going out of business, etc.  However unemployment or being unemployed can be completely summed up by not having a job.  One great description of this comes from an article by CNN Money and a report by ILO that states “the workforce is growing at a faster pace than jobs are being created.”  The people in this rapidly growing workforce that don’t have or are “waiting for them to be created” by definition are unemployed.

    How Bad Does it Look?

Let’s talk about how truly bad the problem is, and truly no matter the angle of which you view this worldwide issue it comes out to look really bad.  As stated earlier the workforce is growing faster than jobs can be created, in my opinion this should NEVER! happen.  Another angle is that maybe it will get better, however according to an article posted by theguardian  it won’t.  The article states that “by the end of 2017 it is predicted that unemployment will surpass 200 million.”  So in a means of getting better don’t bank on it because it doesn’t look good overall for the remainder of the year.

A Very Scary Future

So with global unemployment numbers rising rapidly every year it is very unknown what the future has awaiting.  But common sense can tell us, we may run out of jobs to employ people with but the workforce will continue to rise and we can’t stop that.  Meaning that every year another person will end up unemployed with no way to support his or her self.  It presents the idea of a scary future and it turns the world we live in into one desperately in need of a solution.


How To Comment

Step  1:  Open up the appealing blog to you, commenting meaningfully on post that seem like they bore you will only make things harder on yourself.

Step 2:   Once you have finished reading the appealing blog post scroll to the bottom of the post and search for the option labeled comment and select it.

Step 3:   Type your meaningful comment into the comment box and post it for other viewers of the posts to read.


Guidelines to Commenting:

  •  Your comments need to be positive and give the writer confidence  that they have written a good quality post
  • Do not lie! If the post seems like it has plenty of negatives in it find a way to explain that to its creator in a way that will not make them seem like a complete failure
  • Try to make a third person change into the quality of the posts, make sure your giving the writer helpful advice about how to make their posts more attracting and how to draw more viewers towards their posts

Black Mountain College

Image result for Pottery and poetry by joseph fiore

You stand there staring at me with a look of disgust

You look as if you want to tear me apart; maybe you would if not for the imaginary wall between us.

You and I are more alike than we appear to be

Although I cannot feel, touch, or see.

You may see me as an unorganized mixture of brown, white and blue

But I see myself as a creative masterpiece or the cure to someone’s flu.

Sometimes you may think of me as a mistake but nothing happens without meaning

Maybe i’m not here to give you meaning; have you thought about how your feeling.

Me and your are more alike than you it may seem

think deeply of all the possibilities this unorganized mixture could be.







Pottery and Poetry

Joseph Fiore



I feel like I may pull my hair out as I try to drown out the sounds of my dog and cat fighting as my mom screams desperately trying to get them to stop.  As I watch TV the sounds of my dad coughing badly while he and my mom smoke on the back porch wish he wouldn’t do that to himself.  As I play video games with my friends I hear the sounds of my dog barking at stray cats, and kids trying to enjoy the last nice weather moments of the summer.

In the evenings I hear voices chatting on the TV as pans clash against the stove in the kitchen while my mom and dad cook what is sure to be a delicious dinner.  Soon after dinner it’s bed time with the sun setting sooner and the soothing sounds of crickets arriving quicker are all tired earlier than usual.  After a few hours of sleep my cat is never late I hear is annoying howl that he calls his meow as he wants my dad to come down stairs to let him outside.

I pull a pillow over my head hoping that the sounds of my TV and fan will drown him out but it doesn’t his excessive pleading cut through the sounds like butter, it is clear i wont be getting much more sleep.

My Book The Warrior Heir

My book that i decided to read for my project is called The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima, the story mainly takes place in Trinity, Ohio when a young 15 year old boy name Jack a Sophomore in high school who all is life was told he was born a heart defect.  Every morning of his life he’s been taking what he thought was medicine to balance his heart, then one day Jack forgets to take his medicine and something crazy happens he can move faster, jump higher, and even play better.  However during practice after accidentally but amazingly blowing his school bully across the soccer field with his bare hands he learns that it was no coincidence.  Later that weekend after a trip out of town with his Aunt Linda Jack is finally told the truth, he is a weirlind a special species mixed of magical people such as Wizards, Warriors, Enchanters and many others.